Sony Xperia L3 review

The Sony Xperia L3 may be a direct reasonable phone. You may have an interest in it. As a result of you wish to drastically slow down what proportion you pay a month. Or as a result of you’d rather obtain your phone outright. And obtain an affordable SIM-only deal individually.

It prices £169 (around $225/AU$315, however with no handiness in those regions currently). Alternative phones you may contemplate round the worth embrace the Moto G7 Power, Moto G7 Play and Honor ten nonfat.

Sony Xperia

Our decide of this bunch, for many individuals, is that the G7 Power. It offers 2 full days and alters of solid use between charges. The Sony Xperia L3 doesn’t, however, doesn’t build any gross mistakes either.

Just ensure you’re prepared for its series of minor shortcomings. That embrace slow charging, out-of-date computer code, and entry-level build. All of that we’ll cowl during this review, together with what it will right.

Key options

A dual-lens camera
A 5.7-inch screen and a basic chipset
The Sony Xperia L3 is sensible instead of bold. It’s a notch-free five.7-inch 720 x 1440 screen. Associate all-plastic build and a capable enough however entry-level MediaTek Helio P22 chipset.

This is not a phone resolute provide the most effective of something. It simply must perform tolerably to stay most budget consumers happy.

Those who presently use an inexpensive phone that’s ancient a touch might not have tried all its extras first-hand, though. The Sony Xperia L3 features a fingerprint scanner on its aspect and twin cameras on its back.

There’s no zoom or camera lens read here. Simply a lower-quality depth device that permits you to take photos with ‘bokeh’ background blur. The Sony Xperia L3 additionally has 32GB of storage. Double that of some older low-cost phones.

It doesn’t earn any glory for this, though. Unless you’re on a good tighter budget. There’s no reason to shop for a mechanical man phone with but 32GB of storage any longer.


154 x seventy-two x eight.9mm, 156g
Plastic back and sides
Constant, fast progression: it’s seen because of the wild for phones. However, as phone costs increase and therefore the market threatens to contract for the primary time. real school heads can notice parts that appear to stagnate or perhaps regress at a particular worth.

Sony Xperia

For those upgrading from a phone 2 years previous or additional. You’ll notice instantly the Sony Xperia L3 features a taller screen than your current phone. This is often associate 18:9 screen, a form we tend to get accustomed therefore quickly, that 16:9 phones currently look archaic.

However, compare it to the Moto G5, that value around the same worth at launch 2 years agone. And therefore the Sony Xperia L3 will appear a step back. First, this is often an associate all-plastic phone. Its back sounds like glass however isn’t. The perimeters seem like anodized atomic number 13, however, isn’t.

This doesn’t look or want a chic phone. The 2.5D front glass is that the one bit of sophistication, and it’s an efficient one, gathering reflections into a skinny band around its border. Few reasonable phones look low-cost and nasty nowadays, and therefore the Sony Xperia L3 isn’t one amongst them. From the front, at least.

Sony Xperia L3

The aspect fingerprint scanner is additionally just like that of a number of Sony’s older, costlier Xperias. It’s associate rectangular, and once founded it may be used rather than an influence button. As it’s simply a pad instead of a button, there’s a separate power button simply higher than it.

This is a bit awkward. because the fingerprint scanner may be used with the separate off, you’ll solely use the particular power button once you need to show the Sony Xperia L3 off utterly. However, not everybody desires to use a fingerprint scanner.

This twin button/pad arrangement shifts the quantity rocker outstandingly low, which can be a pain if you wish to use the Sony Xperia L3 during an automobile dashboard mount. It’s an associate odd layout, however, you’ll notice the identical layout on the pricier Sony Xperia ten too.

Like alternative fingerprint scanners in entry-level models, there’s a fractional delay before it unlocks the phone and therefore the pad doesn’t like damp fingers. however, it’s really no slower than the in-screen scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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Extra-tall five.7-inch 720 x 1440 liquid crystal display screen
Poor show customization
Only acceptable goop brightness
Screen resolution is that the alternative space wherever the Sony Xperia L3 will appear behind some budget phones many years previous. it’s a 720p screen, 1440 x 720 pixels total.

If your current phone features a Full HD screen, the Sony Xperia L3 can look considerably less sharp. tiny icon fonts seem less clean. Pixelation is visible. However, like alternative recent 720p phones just like the Moto G7 Power, we’re stunned by however straightforward this lower sharpness is to bed into.

Consider an associate upgrade to one thing just like the Huawei P good (2019) or Honor ten nonfat if you wish a genuinely sharp show.

The Sony Xperia L3 doesn’t have the brightest show in its category either. You’ll notice this most if, say, you are attempting to look at a video on the train whereas daylight streams through the window, or go outside to require photos on a sunny day. Motorola’s Moto G7 Power handles high close lightweight levels higher.

Its show controls are fairly poor too. several alternative recent Xperia phones have many color modes you’ll be able to make a choice from. The Sony Xperia L3 has RGB color temperature sliders that are concerning as intuitive because of the following controls on a VCR.

To those underneath thirty-five, the World Health Organization haven’t any plan what those are, be appreciative such unintuitive things have, mostly, been shoed out of existence.

The Sony Xperia L3’s screen is okay, however not exceptional in any respect bar its sheer length. this is often associate 18:9 show, one as tall as that of phones with notches, however while not a notch.

Battery life

3,300mAh battery
Average stamina
The Sony Xperia L3 features a three,300mAh battery. this is often a solid capability for a phone with a lower-resolution screen.

Sony Xperia

After ninety minutes of video at most brightness, the L3 lost seventeenth charge, narrowly beating the consideration ten Lite’s nineteenth loss.

It will soldier through a full day of use, together with many hours of audio streaming, a time unit of video streaming and a decent quantity of traveler apps. It’s solid, traditional stamina if nothing special.

Competition makes this a possible downside for the Sony Xperia L3. The Moto G7 Power’s battery life is during an utterly totally different league. Its 5,000mAh battery lasts a solid 2 days, and maybe even longer than the distinction in capability would possibly recommend. this could be right down to the relative potency of their processors.

The Sony Xperia L3’s charging is additionally slow by current standards. It doesn’t include a quick charger, and therefore the quick charge adaptors we tend to tried failed to appear to hurry it up either. this is often no surprise: most phones use Qualcomm’s quick charge standards or versions of them, and as this is often a MediaTek phone you don’t get support for those here.

You’ll charge the Sony Xperia L3 long, as a full recharge takes many hours. It will a minimum of having a USB-C port instead of the older small USB kind, still seen during a few lower-end phones.


13MP with 2MP depth device
No obvious automobile HDR process
Limited video options
The Sony Xperia L3 features a terribly typical camera setup for a phone at the worth. A 13MP camera with a 2MP further depth device sits on the rear, associated there’s an 8MP selfie camera on the front.

Sony Xperia

Its performance is mixed. we tend to took it out for a shoot with the Moto G7 Power to work out however it holds up.

Sharpness and detail are the Sony Xperia L3’s strongest suits. In daylight, fine detail is healthier outlined within the Sony pictures, next to the Moto’s, and there’s less purple fringing. this is often wherever objects’ outlines flip purple, typically once set against a bright sky.

Other areas are weaker. The Sony Xperia L3 doesn’t have an associate automobile HDR mode, and its pictures are liable to overexposure, wherever the brightest elements become detail-free blocks of white.

There is a separate HDR mode, however, it’s slow and not terribly effective. By not implementing smart automobile HDR computer code, the Sony Xperia L3 looks years out of date.

The Sony Xperia L3’s preview image is additionally not all that clear on sunny days, thanks to the restricted screen brightness. And like each phone during this class, dark image quality is fairly poor.

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There’s some question over the lens aperture too. Sony says it’s an associate f/2.2 lens. EXIF information says it’s a good smaller f/2.8 aperture. each is fairly poor, however, it looks possible the EXIF erroneously uses the lens information of the depth device. The night pictures are dangerous, however not that dangerous.

Other than solid detail capture, the automobile mode’s fairly responsive feel is that the highlight. There’s borderline shutter lag and focusing speed is okay.

The bokeh mode will turn out better-looking results too, blurring out the backgrounds dramatically. However, because the depth device is kind of a low-quality camera, it’s solely up to the task of separating easy subjects from their backgrounds. It will get confused by something difficult.

Video capture is equally basic. The Sony Xperia L3 solely shoots at up to Full HD, there’s no 4K choice. And, even additional important, there’s no type of stabilization in the slightest degree. regardless of the mode you utilize, your footage can look super-shaky if you are taking it whereas walking on.

The Sony Xperia L3’s camera hardware isn’t terrible, however, the computer code behind it looks out of date at now.

And its selfies? they’re passable, however no additional. The front 8MP camera tends to smear fine detail altogether however good lightweight conditions.

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