New iPhone 11 release date, price, news and leaks

The iPhone 11 unleash date is probably going in Sept. However, Apple is already reported to be testing out many iPhone 2019 ideas months ahead, as you’ll see below.

There are lots of iPhone eleven leaks to pore over on this page. And every one of the purpose to an additional vital upgrade than last year’s rather progressive iPhone XS style.

It may not be a radical top-to-bottom modification considering the iPhone X redesigned launched in late 2017. However, the rear camera might get an enormous upgrade. If you switch your attention to the rear of each new iPhone 11 conception we’ve seen.

iPhone 11

That’s excellent news as a result of Apple isn’t commercialism as several iPhones as antecedent forecast. Thus its next flagship should wow everybody. Or come back down in value to remain competitive.

Update: The iPhone eleven may have the battery that’s up to twenty-five larger than the iPhone XS’s while not creating the phone any thicker. Plus, its camera might be designed for underwater photography. And a leaked schematic suggests one in all the triple-lens camera styles we’ve seen might be correct.

iPhone 11

Having analyzed previous Apple events, we have a tendency to predict that the iPhone eleven launch date is on a weekday, Sept ten, 2019.

With 3 iPhones launched in 2018. We have a tendency to expect Apple to repeat the trifecta this year with the iPhone 11 probably launching aboard the iPhone 11 GHB. And therefore the iPhone 11R (names TBC).

So what new options can the iPhone 11 have, and can it still have a notch? Let’s investigate what we have a tendency to expect from Apple’s next flagship iPhone.

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Cut to the chase

iPhone 11

What is it? The iPhone 11 is Apple’s next flagship
When is it out? A launch is probably going to be mid-September 2019
What will it cost? doubtless no over last year’s iPhone XS

New iPhone eleven leaks and the latest news

We’re seeing iPhone eleven renders (shown below) months earlier than Apple’s expected launch event. And every one of the eyes to date has been to the rear.

The images show 3 cameras in an exceedingly central block on the rear. A back that appears to be manufactured from glass. As we’d expect, whereas the front retains the notch from the iPhone XS. We’ve seen this style reported a second time currently. Thus it might be correct.

iphone 11

However, it’s not the sole style doing the rounds. With another showing a triple-lens camera within the left corner. that may be added in line with wherever Apple presently places the camera.

This image additionally shows a probable glass back. And therefore the same arrangement of buttons because the iPhone XS and multiple leakers have claimed they’re right.

The supply of the pictures additional that 3 new iPhone models are within the works – successors to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS GHB, and iPhone XR.

We’ve additionally seen schematics that appear to be for Associate in Nursing coming to iPhone. And match the camera layout directly on top of.

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However, we’ve currently detected from another supply. That the highest-end iPhone 2019 (which we’ll decide the iPhone eleven GHB for now) can have 3 rear cameras. Thus a minimum of a number of these photos may somewhat be correct.

The same supply says that the opposite 2 handsets can have dual-lens cameras. Which the iPhone XR successor will follow Associate in Nursing liquid crystal display screen.

In fact, we’re hearing this from multiple publications currently. The iPhone eleven GHB could also be the one version with a triple-lens camera. Whereas the iPhone eleven and 11R might get them “eventually,” reports Bloomberg.

Interestingly, a laser-powered 3D camera was destined for the iPhone eleven. However same to own been delayed to the iPhone twelve (or no matter Apple calls its iPhone 2020 model). This iPhone roadmap suggests Apple goes bushed on increased reality (AR).

We’ve additionally detected that the iPhone XI can have a five.8-inch show, similar to the iPhone XS. However, with smaller bezels, which it won’t support 5G. However that it’ll, astonishingly, have a 4,000mAh battery and a USB-C port. The identical supply says to expect house gray, gold, silver and blue colors.

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However, another supply says it won’t have USB-C. Adding that the front camera is upped to 10MP (from 7MP on current models). Which the rear camera can have 14MP and 10MP lenses, furthermore as a 3rd, presently unknown one.

We’ve currently detected multiple times that it won’t get USB-C. Thus don’t judge a modification from Lightning.

One new feature it’d get tho’ is two-way wireless charging. Permitting you to use the iPhone eleven as a charging mat for different devices. It’s a rumor we’ve detected over once currently. Thus it positively appears to air the cards.

In order to create the foremost of that feature, the battery may grow. With reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggesting that the iPhone eleven may get a battery that’s roughly 20-25% larger than the two,658mAh one within the iPhone XS.

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The iPhone 11 Max’s in the meantime may grow around 10-15% larger than the three,174mAh one within the iPhone XS GHB. And therefore the iPhone XR successor may get one fifth larger than the two,942mAh one within the iPhone XR. That may all apparently happen while not creating the phones any thicker. Because the laminate on the screen would instead be diluent.

The same supply for the primary reversible charging tip adds that we’d see an opaque glass back, and ultra-wideband property. Which might leave improved indoor positioning. that would} facilitate with navigating interiors or might profit area unit applications.

The new iPhones might even be simple to use within the rain. A replacement report claims Apple is experimenting with a new school that enables you to use the phone’s screen underwater.

What’s additional, a patent suggests the camera on a future iPhone would be able to tell once you’re underwater. And alter settings consequently, so underwater images look higher.

In different news, one report points to the inclusion of Sony’s next-gen 3D sensors within the new iPhone. That may successively provide faster face unlock. Higher Portrait mode depth-sensing and a few doubtless cool 3D modeling options and (AR) implementations. We have a tendency to recently watched a sample of Sony’s area unit camera capabilities.

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We did see a patent prompt the iPhone 11 may have sub-epidermal scanning to unlock. During which the front camera would scan the veins. And blood vessels in your face victimization IR to create certain it’s really you unlocking the phone.

As well as an improved front-facing camera tho’, the iPhone 11 may additionally pack the snapper. And connected sensors into a smaller notch. As a replacement school created by one in all Apple’s camera element suppliers permits for a few of the sensors to be placed beneath the screen.

There’s no confirmation that Apple can use this school. However, we’d expect the corporate are trying to find ways in which to shrink the notch.

Meanwhile, another iPhone 11 leak suggests the new handsets may support input from the Apple Pencil. That presently solely works with iPads.

Apple sometimes introduces a replacement chipset with its new iPhone launches. And therefore the A13 chip is being touted for the iPhone eleven. With analysts claiming a manufacturer is already lined up to supply the A13 chip.

Inside the device, we’ve detected speak. That the iPhone eleven can embody support for the most recent Wi-Fi half-dozen affiliation standards – tho’ 5G school may need to attend till the 2020 iPhones.

New iPhone eleven value

iPhone eleven value doubtless to begin around $999 (£999, AU$1,579)
There might be a replacement value strategy
Even while not the official iPhone eleven value, we all know it’ll price lots. After all, Apple priced the iPhone XS and iPhone X beginning at $999 (£999, AU$1,579). we have a tendency to may see identical costs for the iPhone eleven.

With news that Apple isn’t commercialism as several iPhones because it antecedently forecasts, there’s an opportunity the iPhone eleven value can provide a more cost-effective look – though we have a tendency to reckon a freeze, instead of a discount, maybe an additional doubtless move by Apple.

It may mean excellent news for the successor to the well-received iPhone XR, with the most grievance concerning the primary phone being it absolutely was still a bit steep price-wise. If Apple will scale back the value on the iPhone 11R, it should facilitate soften a lofty iPhone eleven tag.

New iPhone, iPhone eleven or iPhone XI?

What will Apple decision the new iPhone 11? It’s a puzzling problem and there is a range of various choices for Apple to doubtless choose from.

iPhone 11

It appears Apple has backed itself into somewhat of a naming corner with the recent XS, XS GHB, and XR monikers – thus wherever will it go from here?

Will it continue Roman numerals, revert back to ancient digits, or ditch all of them together? At this stage, with distributed new iPhone leaks around, nothing is off the table.

At this moment in time, we’re seeing most of you looking for ‘new iPhone’, and that’s a robust contestant. Apple has already ditched numbered increments for Macintosh, Macbooks, TV, and iPads, this new iPhone would be a logical next step.

However, the numbers are an excellent thanks to simply distinguish new devices from previous, thus each iPhone eleven and iPhone XI are much within the running. Apple ne’er did provide United States Associate in Nursing iPhone nine tho’ – with the iPhone eight the ultimate digit before the ‘X’ revolution – thus going back to ’11’ might look a bit odd.

New iPhone 11: what we wish to determine

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS GHB are nice smartphones, however, there’s continually space for improvement and attribute needs additional on every occasion – which implies Apple has to shake some things up.

Here at EventsinWorld, we have a tendency to prefer to consider the entire school community mutually nice, massive family United Nations agency facilitate one another out, thus we have a tendency to come back up with some upgrades we reckon would go down a treat on the new iPhone.

1. No notch (or, at least, a smaller one)

Love it or hate it, the notch has taken the smartphone world by storm, with a pointy flow within the style aesthetic when the arrival of the iPhone X – but it appears several of the competition have already surpassed Apple’s implementation.

iPhone 11

The Apple notch is distinctive because of its size, however, that’s additionally its Achilles heel. It takes up an oversized quantity of house on the highest of the screen whereas we have a tendency to seen mechanical man manufacturers bring United States dew-drop screens that are sold as a massive one front-facing camera.

What’s preventing the notch from merely being ditched is all the school Apple has crammed into it, and to get rid of it fully may mean a loss of some options – like Face ID.

Apple will most likely relocate the mike, proximity device and speaker, that successively may even see a discount in size of the notch – which might be a step within the right direction.

But, no notch would be the killer look – with a clean, elegant style which will for certain flip heads.

2. A replacement style

The current style of the XS and XS GHB is astounding – solid, premium and sleek, it’s one in all the foremost fascinating appearance on the market, this is it, brash people, to enkindle one thing new? we have a tendency to don’t assume so.

If Apple will ditch the notch as we’ve thus terribly kindly asked for on top of, that may be the primary step towards a replacement style, however, we’d prefer to see it go any,

It’s already removed the phone jack and residential button, thus our focus is currently on the alert slider, volume buttons, and power key.

We’ve seen HTC and Google implement soft sides on their phones, and if Apple will hone this technology to create it even additional user friending it might be the tip of any physical button or start the phone.

3. higher battery life

We say this every year, however, the very fact remains that iPhones still aren’t the strongest performers once it involves battery life.

The iPhone XS provided Associate in Nursing improvement in the battery over the iPhone X, however as we have a tendency to noted in our review, it’s still “a great distance from the simplest on the market.”

Battery technology isn’t visiting provide the United States the multiple days of battery life we have a tendency to saw from feature phones back within the early 2000s, however, Associate in Nursing iPhone that might stretch to 2 days from one charge would very get folks talking.

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4. I only

The latest spherical of iPhones (the XS and co.) provide twin SIM capabilities, however, they will solely hold one physical SIM.

Having to slip a SIM card into a replacement phone feels rather quaint in 2019, thus we’d prefer to see the physical card ditched in favor of a twin eSIM setup within the new iPhone eleven.

We’d additionally wish a simple to the United States setting that enables us to simply jump onto a network of our selecting at a tariff of our alternative and, additional significantly, be able to simply switch to a special network once our current deal expires.

Plus, it might additionally mean the removal of the SIM receptacle, with a sleeker style and doubtless releasing up some precious extra house within the phone for brand new options (or additional battery!).

This is solely partially on Apple but, as carriers around the world would need to absolutely support eSIM technology and at the instant solely some do this.

However, with the introduction of 5G in 2019 and therefore the presence of eSIM already within one generation of iPhone, this raise isn’t completely out of the question.

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