LG G8 hands on review

There’s an honest, however not nice phone beneath the LG G8 underneath my waving palm. It’s another silly trick – this point a brand new thanks to unlocking the smartphone. That distracts from LG’s potential internal greatness.

Its headline feature is the ability to browse the blood in your palm’s veins to unlock the phone. Then trigger gestures to regulate music, take calls and background alarms. All while not touching the screen.

LG g8

‘Hand ID’ on the LG G8 is about up to be an artistic movement thanks to demonstrating and management your phone. However, it hasn’t worked like its Minority Report premise steered and, whether or not it did work cleanly. It doesn’t create a lot of sense.

Update: We’re still functioning on a final score for our LG G8 review. Making an attempt to work out truth worth it’ll sell it. And the way the battery life and camera perform with a real week of testing. Keep tuned for the ultimate finding shortly.

This shouldn’t divert your attention from different groundbreaking school within LG’s flagship humanoid phone for 2019. Like video portrait mode and a vibratory Crystal Sound OLED for a hole-less show.

This is wherever the $64000 innovation is. LG G8 has no high speaker hole. And its vibrations give a wider supply of audio through the seamless screen. It’s a unique plan found in LG’s high-end OLED TVs. And a school that the nearly-bezel-less Samsung Galaxy S10 doesn’t have however may extremely use.


LG is additionally initial to video portrait mode, harnessing the flower 855 chipsets. It takes what you like regarding portrait mode photos and applies the identical background blurring result. That makes for fewer distracting video. It’s not excellent, and it’s restricted to the most rear camera, however it works (to associate extent).

There’s only one straightforward configuration of the LG G8: 128GB of internal storage with 6GB of RAM. Expandable with a microSD card slot. That’s up from 64GB of storage within the LG G7, that is a few relief. The 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC additionally makes it an honest worth if you’re an associate audiophile.

LG g8

Its dual-lens rear camera offers the way to require regular and optical lens photos. However, lacks the third camera lens of the LG V40. Which will not spoil you, however to this point the photos out of this camera won’t wow you either. Particularly those shot with the front camera. (The 3,500mAh battery and QuickCharge three.0 need a lot of testing, thus we’re holding off on giving this phone a final review score.)

Ultimately, the LG G8 simply doesn’t modification the smartphone. It doesn’t fold, it doesn’t have an elaborate punch-hole camera to increase the show from high to bottom. Associated it doesn’t have an on-screen fingerprint device.

What it will have is new audio and video capturing tricks you ought to take into account. And a ‘Hand ID’ feature you ought to ignore. And at its launch worth, unless you get a deal through your carrier. This phone deserves to be unnoticed, too.

LG G8 ThinQ worth and unleash date

The LG G8 worth is everywhere the place, and that’s a part of the matter. It formally prices $819, consistent with LG, or $849, consistent with B&H photograph and Best purchase, in the US. It’s a lot of too overpriced for a phone of this category.

Surprise. It’s already “on sale” for $699, and thru a carrier contract, just $649. however, will we even decide that against the competition? World Health Organization is aware of how long these “introductory promotions” can last.

The LG G8 unleash date is Apr twelve within the North American country, and LG is attending to launch the less powerful LG G8s within the United Kingdom and Europe. Not stopping there, the LG V50 is additionally on the approach – it’s the LG V40 on 5G steroids, however, doesn’t have a unleash date and it’s certain to be lots pricier than its forerunner.

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Display and style

The LG G8 features a half dozen.1-inch OLED show with a notch, matching the scale and high cutout of the G7, however not the show kind. Last year’s phone had associate digital display screen touting one thing LG referred to as “Super Bright mode.”


We found the LG G8 to urge lots bright in our tests, creating the Super Bright digital display another happening LG experiment you didn’t would like within the finish. No massive surprise.

The OLED upgrade is a lot of noticeable than the dealings in lumens, providing deeper blacks and a better distinction magnitude relation. whereas its half dozen.1-inch the show may be a respectable size, its 83.6% screen-to-body magnitude relation isn’t as spectacular, particularly since the Samsung Galaxy S10 clears ninety-three .1% with the same-sized screen on a smaller, agent phone.

LG comes in 3 colors: Carmine Red, New Aurora Black, and New atomic number 78 grey. everyone has a black front that will an honest job at masking its ugly notch and thicker-than-average edge encompassing the screen. LG doesn’t create as massive a deal of this as Samsung, but the 3.5mm earphone jack remains in 2019.

The big issue with the LG G8’s design: it doesn’t have any standout options, or maybe ones that differentiate it from the pack. You’ve seen it all before: it’s a rear dual-lens camera while not a bump, a rear fingerprint device precisely wherever you’d expect, and metal frame sandwiched by sturdy great ape Glass five on front and great ape Glass half dozen on back. In 2019, the look is mundane.

Crystal Sound OLED (hole-less high speaker)

What hopefully isn’t another happening feature is LG’s Crystal Sound OLED technology. It eliminates the highest speaker in favor of emitting sound through the identical micro-vibrations found on LG’s high-end OLED TVs.

Its vibrations weren’t large enough to feel distracting against our face, nonetheless, they dependably created clear sound from a wider space. There’s a sweet spot at the highest wherever you’ll hear a caller best, however, we have a tendency to may still decipher the language more down the screen.

Crystal Sound OLED is over simply fascinating school – it offers an answer that would drive North American country to a thousandth screen-to-body magnitude relation in some unspecified time in the future, while not counting on a poised-to-break pop-up selfie camera. we have a tendency to predict this concept are used once more by LG, and even derived by others.

LG additionally claims this feature makes its phone a lot of waterproof. We’ve tested purportedly waterproof phones, and water-logged speakers find yourself muffling any sound till they dry out. That shouldn’t be a problem with this hole-less vibratory speaker.

Hand ID

The LG G8 pushes new unlocking and gesture controls with its Time of Flight coordinate axis camera. we have a tendency to struggled to urge the phone to unlock with ‘Hand ID’ systematically. And by systematically, we have a {tendency to|we tend to} mean it worked each one in ten tries on the average.

LG g8

Hand ID “works” by shining associate invisible IR optical maser at your open palm so as to browse the blood pattern in your veins. Neat to this point, right? You hold your palm six to eight inches aloof from this special front camera and slowly move your hand backward.

It’s alleged to be an efficient thanks to unlocking the LG G8 once it’s sitting on a table and also the fingerprint device on the back is inaccessible. however, it ne’er worked for North American country systematically. memorizing our phone to urge to the rear device became easier.

Inexplicably, Hand ID solely permits users to register one palm. thus that hand is your favorite… or, since this can be a lot of work than it’s value, that is your least favorite? LG’s Hand ID and Samsung’s on-screen fingerprint device seem to be technology ripped from the long run. But, they additionally create North American country miss a lot of reliable front-facing sensors from 5 years agone.

Air Motion

Air Motion additionally uses your hand in conjunction with the G8’s coordinate axis camera. This point to execute a spread of hovering gestures that don’t need touching the screen.

We were able to flip the amount down within the music app. As an example, by gap our palm to trigger Air Motion and creating a ‘knob-turning’ motion in point. It worked once some makes an attempt.

Air Motion gestures worked a touch higher, however, took multiple tries to urge right. You’ll additionally receive or dismiss calls, swipe away alarms and timers, scrub through music and videos, and take a screenshot.


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