iPhone XS Max review | Apple’s biggest, priciest iPhone ever

The iPhone XS scoop (pronounced ‘Ten S Max’) is that the biggest smartphone Apple has ever created. With a 6.5-inch show, hardly any screen edge. And also the now-iconic screen notch it’s a dominating presence within the hand.

It additionally dominates the pocket. Each in terms of size and value. Also as being the largest, the iPhone XS scoop is additionally the foremost high-ticket iPhone up to now. With Apple delivering a phone with a screen size that rivals the foremost premium of robot flagships.

iPhone XS MAX

Update: the iPhone XS scoop has some new competition from the Samsung Galaxy S10 and, thus we’ve additional comparisons to Samsung’s flagship.

This is a daring statement from a firm that has. Up till 2017 with the introduction of the five.8-inch iPhone X. Resisted the urge to push the screen size envelope to the identical scale as its robot rivals.

However, Apple has determined that now’s the correct time to supersize its smartphone show. And also the iPhone XS scoop is that the 1st generation of the new, larger type issue.

For those that crave a lot of screen for video and diversion on the move. The expansive show of the iPhone XS scoop is going to be a welcome addition to Apple’s lineup. Whereas those wanting premium expertise while not the supersized dimensions will take comfort that it’s launched aboard the smaller iPhone XS.

iPhone XS scoop value and convenience

  • Apple iPhone XS scoop 64GB price: $1,099 (£1,099, AU$1,799)
  • iPhone XS scoop 256GB price: $1,249 (£1,249, AU$2,049)
  • iPhone XS scoop 512GB price: $1,449 (£1,449, AU$2,369)

As we’ve already hinted, this can be a premium phone with a fair a lot of premium tag. The iPhone XS scoop starts at $1,099 (£1,099, AU$1,799) for the 64GB model, that is $100 (£100, AU$170) quite the iPhone XS. In the UK, our guide can facilitate you realize the simplest iPhone XS scoop deals on contract.

If you would like a lot of internal storage, the 256GB iPhone XS scoop value is $1,249 (£1,249, AU$2,049). Whereas the foremost high-ticket 512GB version can set you back a staggering $1,449 (£1,449, AU$2,369).

There’s no thought smartphone that prices quite the 512GB iPhone XS scoop. Golf stroke it during a league of its own in terms of valuation. You are doing to get plenty of phone for the cash. However, there’s no obtaining far from the actual fact that it’s associate degree an awful lot of cash that Apple is requesting.


  • Same style as iPhone X, but bigger
  • A touch shorter and slender than the iPhone eight and, with an even bigger screen

The iPhone XS scoop style is deceptive. Pick it up, and also the rounded sides of the phone create it feel perceptibly thick.

The result’s a phone that doesn’t sit as well within the hand because it might. And considering the scale and price of the XS scoop, it’s a phone you would like to be able to firmly hold. This can be solely [*fr1] the story although.

We compared the iPhone XS scoop to the variety of phones throughout our in-depth review. As well as the Samsung Galaxy Note nine (6.4-inch screen), OnePlus 6T (6.41-inch) and Sony Xperia XZ3 (6-inch). And also the iPhone felt thicker, and fewer planted within the hand than all of them.

The funny issue is although, the iPhone XS scoop is dilutant than all of these phones at simply seven.7mm.

The reason for this can be simple: tapered edges. The Samsung, Sony and OnePlus all taper their rear edges, giving the impression of a dilutant device. Whereas additionally permitting them to sit down a bit higher within the curvature of your hand.

The iPhone XS scoop contains an all flat back that’s a bit a lot of awkward to carry. And that we found that a tactfully-placed finger on the bottom of the phone was a requirement for one-handed use.

iPhone XS scoop active gallery

What’s a lot of spectacular is that the XS scoop manages to squeeze a large vi.5-inch show into a body that’s barely shorter and narrower (at 157.5 x 77.4mm) than the iPhone eight and, that solely boasts a five.5-inch show.

While the iPhone XS scoop will feel a bit chunky within the hand there’s no questioning the actual fact that you’re obtaining a large quantity of show land crammed into a type issue that does an honest job of keeping it usable.

iPhone XS

The steel frame round the outside and also the new formulation of glass on the front and rear – that is more durable than the glass on the iPhone X – offer the iPhone XS scoop a supremely premium look and feel, whereas its resistance to mud and water has additionally been increased.

Apple has upped the protection to IP68, facultative the iPhone XS scoop to be submerged to a depth of up to 2 meters for a half-hour while not suffering any unwell effects. Apple claims it’s tested the protection during a variety of liquids, as well as salt water, chlorinated water, milk, wine, and brewage, though we have a tendency to wouldn’t advise purposefully exposing the phone to any of those.

It’s value noting that Apple’s warrant, like those of all phone makers, doesn’t cowl ‘liquid contact’ injury, which implies if the liquid resistance will fail on the iPhone XS scoop you won’t be coated.

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There’s no earpiece jack on the iPhone XS scoop. The port is currently all dead when Apple killed off the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE post-iPhone XS launch (the last 2 handsets with the three.5mm jack that was out there from the firm’s site), which implies you get a centralized Lightning port aboard speaker and electro-acoustic transducer holes on the bottom of the iPhone XS scoop.

There’s a combination of Apple EarPods with lightning instrumentation within the box with the iPhone XS scoop, however, if you plug this into the lightning port on the bottom of the phone you can’t connect the charging cable thereto at the identical time.

iPhone XS

Thankfully, the iPhone XS scoop additionally supports wireless charging, thus if you have got a charging pad handy you’ll be able to prime the phone up whereas being attentive to a wired set of headphones.

The power/lock secret is on the correct aspect of the XS scoop and is simple enough to hit with thumb or index, whereas the amount keys sit below the physical mute turn on the left of the phone.

Hold the power/lock key down and you’ll observe Siri, which implies turning off the iPhone XS scoop needs you to carry down the ability associate degreed volume up keys till an on-screen prompt seems.

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The SIM card receptacle continues to be set below this key, however, there’s a brand new feature within the iPhone XS scoop (and XS). The phone is twin SIM enabled, with associate degree eSIM embedded within the phone.

This allows you to insert a SIM from the carrier of your selection, and so modify the eSIM on a unique arrange or carrier. It’s value noting that not all carriers support eSIM technology, and convenience varies by region, thus confirm you check before linguistic communication up to something.

Overall although, Apple hasn’t rapt aloof from the look of the iPhone X with the iPhone XS scoop, apart from to stretch it a bit. There is, however, a brand new color choice over the X.

iPhone XS

Apple introduced a brand new gold end for each the iPhone XS scoop and XS, and it’s a bit richer than a lot of delicate gold end choice for the iPhone 8 and eight and. If you discover the gold a small amount an excessive amount of, the iPhone XS scoop additionally comes in Silver and house grey.


Huge 6.5-inch OLED show is that the biggest ever on associate degree iPhone
HDR support for associate degree increased viewing expertise
One of the most things – well, extremely the sole main issue – that’s completely different regarding the iPhone XS scoop over the smaller iPhone XS is that the screen, extended because it is to six.5 inches compared to the five.8 inches of the ‘normal’ XS.

That screen size makes all the distinction although – holding the 2 new iPhones aspect by side you’re feeling just like the larger model simply offers thus, most more room to play with.

We’re still not oversubscribed on the requirement for HDR as a ‘must’ during a smartphone although – observance Avengers: eternity War on the iPhone XS scoop was a lovely expertise due to the larger show, however, there wasn’t an instant wherever we have a tendency to were wowed by the color copy, or the distinction between lightweight and dark scenes.

That’s to not say it wasn’t smart, however, it’s not jaw-dropping enough to warrant shopping for this phone for that feature alone – though that aforesaid, Apple isn’t charging a premium to possess its content in HDR from the iTunes Store, thus extremely it’s a ‘nice-to-have’ feature.

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Face ID

There’s no bit ID, with Face ID your solely biometric choice
Not the quickest, however, has nice integration with banking apps

Face ID is that the biometric of selection for Apple nowadays, commutation the bit ID fingerprint scanner and embedding itself within the notch at the highest of the show.

Apple says it’s safer and slightly quicker, however, it’s just about excellent. We’ve used plenty of faces unlock options on phones recently, and Face ID still feels a bit slow compared.

Pick the iPhone XS to scoop up to wake the screen (or hit the power/lock key), and within the time it takes you to swipe upwards to unlock the phone, Face ID can acknowledge you.

Integration of Face ID into apps is incredibly smart, with our banking apps supporting the technology in the role of a fingerprint scanner, creating it simple to firmly sign into our accounts.


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