iOS 12 problems: how to fix issues in iOS 12.2

iOS 12 and, a lot of specifically these days. iOS 12.2 issues can ne’er very getaway. A minimum of till iOS thirteen comes around. Although Apple keeps tight management on its platform, creating each the OS. And therefore the hardware that it runs on. There’ll continually be problems here and there.

It solely becomes a lot of seemingly as you think about iOS twelve supports a good vary of iPhones, iPads, and iPods new and recent. Inside those teams, there are even variations. And, whereas every update to iOS makes an attempt to feature options and take away issues. Oft problems can persist or new ones are going to be introduced.


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One major fault with cluster Facetime that was found in iOS twelve allowed callers to mechanically build the recipient device answer. Giving the caller the potential to listen. And, whereas the iOS twelve.1.4 update was discharged with security enhancements to handle that specific issue. Alternative iOS twelve issues aren’t addressed.

While there’s still sensible reason for anyone victimization older versions of iOS to continue upgrading to the most recent version. Simply detain mind that you just might want to form a backup purpose. If your Apple device is running well pre-update. You ne’er apprehend once associate degree iOS update can introduce a brand new drawback for your device. Associate degreed it’s easier to rollback to a version that was stable for you. Then it’s to stay with a problematic iOS unharness till an update comes out.

If you are doing an update to the most recent version of iOS. And encounter issues while not a backup out there. You’ll be able to additionally attempt bounce forward by going with a Beta version.

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Cellular and Wi-Fi property problems

These are a doozy. When upgrading to iOS twelve.1.1, users reportable being stopped from cellular knowledge part or entirely. Variable by location and country per Forbes. The sole approach they’ve been able to get online is victimization wireless local area network.


Unfortunately, it’s unclear none of the next updates, up to even twelve.1.4. Have offered transparent addressing of the problem. We’ve received a Tweet from associate degree iOS twelve.1.2 user whiney a couple of mobile property issue. And therefore the drawback has appeared in Apple’s forum.

There’s no bound ‘fix’ on the far side reverting to associate degree older version of iOS (12.1, essentially). To do so, you will need to connect your device to a pc. Navigate through iTunes to devise settings and restore from there. Some users have prompt making an attempt to reset network settings by visiting Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

We’ve additionally in person seasoned problems with Wi-Fi property that will or might not be connected. Sometimes, the device merely cannot hook up with a Wi-Fi network. Whereas alternative times it’ll seem to attach however truly stay on cellular knowledge. Returning to Wi-Fi settings shows no association. We’ve even had no networks show up.

It’s additionally unsure however widespread these problems are, therefore upgrade to iOS twelve.1.1. And on top of with caution.

Can’t import iCloud Backups

A particular issue for iPads has come back from the actual fact that they didn’t get iOS twelve.1.2 at the identical time as iPhones. With several users phones change mechanically. The iPhones would air a more recent version of iOS than iPads.

For users {trying|making associate degree attempt|attempting} to set up a brand new iPad from an iCloud backup of their iPhone running iOS twelve.1.2. The method merely wouldn’t work. We have a tendency to seasoned this iPad import drawback on 3 totally different iPads.

Without the iPad running iOS twelve.1.2 or later. The sole thanks to founded the iPad are manual. Luckily, this drawback ought to be simple enough to avoid. If you simply updated each device to the most recent version, iOS 12.1.4.

The trouble with eSIM on iPhone XR, XS and XS soap

If you’ve encountered bugs activating eSIMs in your iPhone XR, XS and XS soap phones, sensible news: The iOS twelve.1.2 update features a fix. Apple didn’t unharness an excessive amount of detail in its notes for the redo of iOS. Therefore hopefully this fixes the actual eSIM issue you were experiencing.

But the update is pretty new, and will not solve the extant bug mentioned on top of. Therefore use caution once change.

Your iMessages are sent to the incorrect folks

Here’s associate degree odd one: users are news that when the change to iOS twelve. Their messages are being sent to the incorrect folks. There’s a minimum of one obvious wrongdoer here. However, we have a tendency to don’t quite apprehend why: each the supposed. And actual recipients are all victimization the identical Apple ID. Others are expression everybody with the identical Apple ID gets coiled into the same cluster oral communication.

Why would multiple users air the identical Apple ID within the 1st place?

Maybe as a result of they’re all members of the family. Because the original poster of 1 MacRumors forum thread discussing the problem admitted. Another user theorized that Apple did this designedly (and didn’t tell anyone concerning it) to collapse. All identities in your contact list connected to the identical Apple ID into one unified entry.

That follows some iOS twelve beta users United Nations agency saw multiple oral communication threads. Between one user’s overplus of contact choices efficient into a single thread. A Twitter user substantiated this, expression Apple support confirmed to them that this can be intentional.

While early solutions to the matter concerned switch Apple IDs to Family Sharing. As a forum user prompt, those fixes are not any longer necessary unless you don’t update. This drawback was addressed with the iOS twelve.1 update.

Your iPhone XS won’t charge

The iPhone XS and XS soap don’t seem to be charging properly, in line with some users, and it’s spawned disceptation within the last week – and its terribly own nickname: charged gate.

You may have seasoned your iPhone not charger once it’s obstructed in and asleep after you place the Lightning cable into the phone. The temporary fix is to create certain you introduce your phone once it’s lit and you hear the charging chime and see the visual charging cue.

This is seemingly an iOS twelve drawback which will be fastened through a computer code update. however, it’s one thing Apple has, however, to formally acknowledge. We’ll update this section after we hear a couple of permanent resolution to the current drawback.

Washed-out screens on iPhone X

Some house owners of iPhone X devices have reportable on Reddit, Twitter, and forums that when upgrading to iOS twelve, the colors on their screens look pale.

Reddit user Liamrc denote samples of default wallpapers set to a 16-bit color that appeared vivacious in the preview, however once set to the house or lock screen, reverted to 8-bit color and looked “desaturated.” He allegedly asked Apple why and got a response from Craig Federighi, United Nations agency aforesaid that the phone applies a filter to create text a lot of clear.

Whether this can be verity wrongdoer is unclear, therefore we’ll see if Apple has a political candidate response before long. Some users have prompt turning off the rise distinction setting, that appears to own been turned on by default in iOS twelve.

Increased battery drain

One of the foremost lauded iOS twelve options was the higher performance for older devices, however, some users are news that post-update, their device batteries are exhausting abnormally quickly.


First, check your device battery’s health to make sure that’s not inflicting the drain. If the most capability is below eighty-five, it should be time for A battery modification. during this case, it’s a hardware issue.

If your device doesn’t change before long, there’s a possible fix originally burned up to house the identical issue occurring once change to iOS 11: reset the device to works settings, cleanly update to iOS twelve, and so restore.

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But if that doesn’t work, you may attempt another, a lot of forceful resolution that users have suggested: reset the device to works settings, however, don’t restore from iCloud or a backup, instead cleanly putting in iOS twelve and manually downloading each app. (We aforesaid it absolutely was drastic!)

Other users are news erratic behavior with older devices like irregular battery proportion jumps and showing totally different levels when rebooting the device. It’s doable that this can be a bigger issue, therefore if you’re still experiencing abnormal battery drain long when the change to iOS twelve, allow us to apprehend.

Apps not operating well with iOS twelve

You might realize that when the change to iOS twelve, some apps don’t work additionally as they want to.


Exactly once each app updates is, well, very up to them. If you’re having to bother with associate degree app, select the tried-and-true methodology of uninstalling and reinstalling it; however, if issues persist, you may simply need to anticipate it to update.

Hotspot won’t put off

This may or might not convince be a widespread issue, however, it’s one that a TechRadar editor saw in person. once directly connecting associate degree iPhone 6S to a laptop computer that had antecedently used the phone as a hotspot, it reconnected mechanically – and stayed connecting, even when closing off the phone’s Personal Hotspot setting.

The editor was able to fix this issue by following directions that resolved the ‘missing hotspot’ issue gift in associate degree earlier iOS twelve beta: visit General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. this could stop your pc from mechanically connecting to your iOS device’s hotspot, tho’ there could be alternative fixes out there for this issue.

The device won’t update to iOS twelve

Ah yes, the most important issue of all: if your device fails once making an attempt to update to iOS twelve. Many conditions may stop this from happening. Like not having enough house for the install. Or victimization associate degree unsupported device (those discharged in or a lot of recently than 2013. Just like the iPhone 5S and iPad Air/Mini 2).

Attempt operating through Apple’s support suggestion page to slender down the cause. If none of these suggestions work, you may do that a lot of concerned methodologies Apple recommends: Connect your device to a pc, open iTunes, and hold down the buttons to force-restart your device till the iTunes brand seems. Once the prompt seems on your pc, click ‘Update.’

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