Best smartphone 2019: Find the best phones for you

There are numerous smart phones to decide on from in 2019 however that one is that the king of the castle? Is there even a winner? There’s nobody selection for everybody, thus bear in mind the simplest phone for you would possibly not be ideal in our chart.

Phones are available all shapes, sizes, and costs. Here, we’ve got stratified and reviewed the 10 best phones cash should purchase.


Check out wherever the simplest of 2018 just like the iPhone XR, Huawei Mate twenty professional and OnePlus 6T have over up below – and keep coming as we have a tendency to add the simplest phones from 2019 as they’re free. The Galaxy S10 is already in there!

Your shopping for the guide for the simplest phones in 2019

When selecting a phone you ought to take into account these things: build quality and style, simple use, features, performance, and price.

Generally speaking, a flagship phone can price between £600 and £800 however will be over £1,000 in some cases. On contract, you’re watching between £30 and £50 per month on the average however you’ll pay lots a lot of if you wish a fashionable phone and much of mobile web information.

We think shopping for a phone outright is that the best price, however, we have a tendency to appreciate you’ll not be ready to afford to try and do that. If you can, you’ll clearly want a SIM card and set up likewise because of the phone. If you don’t have already got one, try our greatest SIM-only deals.

Should you get AN iPhone or a humanoid phone?

There’s over one portable software system, however, extremely solely 2 prices talking about: humanoid and iOS. Windows phones are still around, however solely account for around hundredth of all phones sold-out, thus it makes a lot of sense to travel with humanoid or an iPhone.

The overwhelming majority of phones nowadays run Android; Pie is that the latest version. whereas Apple’s iOS platform incorporates a lot of lower market share, developers nearly always unleash their apps on iOS thus it’s one amongst the simplest app stores you’ll notice.

If you’ve got AN humanoid phone or an iPhone and need to maneuver to the opposite form of phone, it’s fairly simple to move your contacts and other information from one to the opposite. What you can’t move is paid-for apps, thus keep this in mind if you’re considering a modification of platform.

Why you ought to get AN unbarred phone

An unbarred phone is one that isn’t tied to any explicit mobile operator, like Vodafone or EE. shopping for unbarred typically means that buying the phone outright while not a SIM.

The most vital purpose is that an unbarred phone is sort of forever a much better deal than shopping for a phone on contract – if you’ll afford it.

The only real exception to the present are Apple’s iPhones – due to their ancient quality, operators do typically subsidize the price of shopping for AN iPhone so as to lock you into a moneymaking semipermanent deal.

But usually speaking if you’ll afford the direct price of the French telephone, you’ll pay less over the lifetime of your phone by shopping for unbarred.

More significantly, you’re not secured into an extended contract. If you wish a replacement French telephone at any time, you’ll get one while not having to up-purchase your reply of a contract or attempt to another 2 years.

Just make certain to form certain the phone you’re obtaining isn’t secured to a particular network.

The right SIM

One different factor to contemplate is that the size and form of the SIM needed for your phone. ensure you get a nano-SIM if a nano-SIM is what your phone needs.

For the record, each phone in our high ten takes a nano-SIM.

If you get that wrong it’s simply resolvable – each network can fain send over a different-sized SIM. SIM cards tend to return all told 3 sizes – you merely set out the one you wish.

But that’s assumptive you’re obtaining a replacement SIM, and if you’re searching for a SIM-free phone or unbarred phone you almost certainly have already got one.

More vital is to form positive that if you wish 4G you get a 4G-enabled phone and SIM.

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Best smartphone 2019

1. Google component three

Google component three
RRP: From $799


The component three and component 3 XL is the simplest phones you’ll get without delay, provided you don’t need AN iPhone.

They have the simplest camera ever on a smartphone, outperforming all rivals in most things. each has the foremost premium Google phone hardware up to now, smart battery life will charge wirelessly and are waterproof.

The notch may rag you on the three XL however the smaller one is there with hardly any compromise. The phones price from £739 / $799.

2. OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T
RRP: 6/128GB $549 | 8/128GB $579 | 8/256GB $629


Although it lacks a phone jack, wireless charging, and waterproofing, the OnePlus 6T remains one amongst the simplest phones you’ll get without delay. it’s fairly priced, has the simplest specs you may hope for, appearance nice and has cameras that may vie with its rivals.

The glass construction, outstanding show, and lightning-fast performance start from £499 or $549 – a fantastic value, however, you’ll notice the Galaxy S9 for concerning the identical currently. the twin cameras are a shade below the standard of component three, however, the majority won’t care or notice.

While its phones have forever been glorious, the OnePlus 6T is its best ever, and also the phone with that its little compromises finally don’t matter.

There’s conjointly AN awful McLaren Edition with the new paint job and 10GB RAM that you just should purchase here.

3. Samsung Galaxy S10 and

Samsung Galaxy S10 and
RRP: From $999


The Galaxy S10 and is that the best Galaxy phone ever with outstanding cameras, build, show and performance. The Exynos version is upset by its simply acceptable battery life.

It’s conjointly terribly pricey from £899 / $999 and so some. However, it’s exquisite expertise with OneUI’s thoughtful additions, slick day to day use. And a lot of options than you’ll throw a stick at.

If you wish to pay £100 / $100 less there’s the regular Galaxy S10. That has most of the identical options together with the triple rear cameras and outstanding screen. You may even choose the S10e, however, it’s a special phone with a smaller screen, less battery, and fewer cameras.

4. Huawei P30 professional

Huawei P30 professional
RRP: £899 (128GB), £1099 (512GB)

The Huawei P30 professional bears several similarities to the older P20 professional however conjointly to the Mate twenty professional that sits below it during this chart.

With an incredible 10x optical zoom and outstanding low lightweight performance, the P30 professional pushes Huawei firmly into the spoken communication. Battery life is additionally outstanding.

It’s the identical value because the Galaxy S10 and at £899 and isn’t obtainable within America however this can be the simplest phone Huawei has ever created.

5. Huawei Mate twenty professional

Huawei Mate twenty professional

It’s a mark of however smart Huawei phones became that there are 2 in our high ten. The Mate twenty professional incorporates a massive spirited OLED screen. Significantly nice battery life and awful triple cameras with a slender notch.

At £899 it’s Huawei’s most costly phone nonetheless (though you’ll struggle to shop for it within the US). And advantages from enhancements created to Huawei’s EMUI computer code. And it adds 3D face unlock and reverse wireless charging thus it will charge different phones.

Stereo speakers, waterproofing and 128GB storage to confirm this can be a phone that may last you into a minimum of 2 or 3 years of use.

6. iPhone XS

Apple iPhone XS
RRP: From $999

The second generation of Apple’s notched flagship iPhone is one amongst the foremost pricey phones in our list at £999 or $999. However, that’s the identical as 2017’s currently discontinued, iPhone X.

The OLED show is outstanding and options just like the wholly secure Face ID unlock system to build it the foremost art movement phone Apple has ever created. Performance is unflawed, very similar to the build quality.

It is quick and wireless charging compatible. However, solely comes with a slow charger within the box. However, improved battery life. And wonderful twin cameras still build the iPhone XS a no brainer if you already love iPhone and iOS.

If you wish a bigger screen there’s the iPhone XS scoop.

7. Honor read twenty

Honor read twenty
RRP: To be confirmed

With costs ranging from £499, the glory read 20’s nighest comparison is that the OnePlus 6T. However, there are lots a lot of on providing here than a 6T imitation.

For one, the read twenty was the primary phone to unleash within the west with a punch hole selfie camera. A tiny low circular cutout in the corner of the show. Instead of a notch dropping down into the center of the screen.

There’s conjointly the primary 48MP rear camera. A stat we have a tendency to distressed was all selling promotional material. However, truly delivers in one amongst the crispest cameras we’ve used thus far. Particularly once exploitation the AI-enhanced extremist Clarity mode.

Throw in the beautiful holographic rear, flagship processor, and lasting four,000mAh battery. To not mention AN genuine phone jack in a very flagship – and you’ve got one amongst 2019’s best phones already.


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