7 Top tips to supercharge your old smartphone’s performance

Tips Like computers, your smartphone will get delayed with layers of the software system, apps, files. And processes once you’ve been exploitation it for ages, rendering it slower. And additional frustrating to use – or, even worse, fully unusable.

Provided the matter isn’t right down to dodgy or breaking hardware. These performance problems will typically be remedied by the change. And/or bring back components of your smartphone’s software system tips.


So, whether or not you’re wanting to repurpose your previous phone for an admirer or relative to use. Flip it into a reliable backup telephone. Or breathe new life into it thus it’s less irritating to use. We’ve got seven tips to assist you twig running like new once more.

1. Update your system software system

Updating to the newest version of golem or iOS will offer your smartphone. Its best probability of living out the remainder of its days optimized for the newest apps, games, and services on the market.



When a phone launches, it ships with a particular version of the OS – golem nine Pie or iOS twelve for example. Every year, a significant redo of the OS is proclaimed which can be created on the market to older devices.

In addition, security updates are free monthly close to, and users unearth bugs, that are addressed in updates.

Everything comes along within the style of roughly monthly updates that keep phones running swimmingly. And firmly for months or years once they’re free. Thus whether or not it’s a significant new software system unleash or a patch-up job. The likelihood is that its good value putting in.

How to update a system software system

Whether you’re exploitation associate degree iPhone or golem smartphone tips. To test to determine if it’s up to this point jump into the settings, sort ‘update’ within the search bar, and follow the on-screen directions.

Android and iOS devices can permit you to manually check for updates. That we’d advocate doing if you haven’t had associate degree update for ages.

And the heap of smaller ones. Meanwhile, iPhones will get as several as four major updates. That is one reason why iPhones typically have relatively higher merchandising values than their golem counterparts.

2. Update your apps

Keeping their apps up to this point allows app developers to fine-tune the performance of their software system for various smartphones tips.



Updates are ofttimes pushed dead set fix bugs and add new options. Keeping them optimized for all the devices they run on – or a minimum of that’s the speculation.

This is particularly necessary for users of golem phones. As golem apps must work with handsets from many alternative makers. And with completely different screen sizes and resolutions. Which means there’s doubtless larger scope for incompatibility.

How to update apps

If you’re associate degree golem user, simply open up the Google Play Store, faucet the 3 horizontal lines at the top-left of the screen and choose ‘My apps & games’.

Here, you’ll realize an enormous inexperienced button labeled ‘Update all’ – faucet it and you’re on your thanks to the freshest versions of your apps that are on the market.

As for iPhones, open the App Store, click the tab labeled Updates and hit the ‘Update all’ button.

3. close up auto-update once potential

This most likely thousands unreasonable once we tend to spend the last 2 tips harping on concerning updates being so necessary – however if your phone isn’t packing storage or power to spare, then change apps and software system are a few things you’ll doubtless need to manage yourself.


The act of change associate degree application needs a good little bit of process power. Your phone must transfer and withdraw a chunk of the software system, verify everything to create positive it checks out, install it and build a crosscut.


Some app updates are considerably larger than the app they change, and with updates starting from some megabytes to over a computer memory unit.

As for OS updates, these are even larger and need your phone to be reset so as to fully install. If you’re exploitation associate degree older telephone that’s already slow, associate degree OS update might place your phone on pause till it gets the task done.

How to close up auto-update:

If you’ve got associate degree golem phone, jump into the Google Play Store, open up the settings, then choose ‘Auto-update apps’ and select ‘Don’t auto-update apps’.

While stock golem doesn’t offer you an answer to show off automatic update downloads, some custom OS overlays, like EMUI from Huawei, do.

To find out what your phone OS permits, jump into the settings and search ‘Update’ within the search bar.

If you’ve got an associate degree iPhone, open up the system settings, choose ‘iTunes & App Store’ and confirm the toggle next to ‘Updates’ is about to off.

While we’re here, the iPhone settings are additionally wherever you’ll need to show OS updates off. Scroll to the ‘General’ sub-menu within the system settings, and select ‘Software Update’. Here you’ll be able to toggle automatic downloads on or off.

4. Clear your browser cache

After a year or 2 with a phone, you’ll be astonished at what quantity house previous documents, cached footage, and unused apps will take up, and this may lead to something from impaired performance to low-storage alerts.


Fun fact: once you browse the online, your phone will save versions of each image it displays while not you even knowing concerning it, to not mention all of your browsing information.

This may sound shivery, however, it’s for your profit – not having to re-download content saves you each time and mobile information once you come back a web site.

Helpfully, each Google and Apple offer aboard tools to assist keep you clean your smartphone browser with the press of a button.

How to the clear browser cache on golem and iOS

If you utilize Chrome on iOS or golem, open it up and get into the app settings. Scroll down and faucet ‘Privacy’. Next faucet ‘Clear Browsing Data’. Here, you’ll be able to select those styles of browsing information you would like to clear.

The top 2 boxes can erase your browsing history and saved passwords – you most likely don’t need to pick out these. Instead, confirm ‘Cached pictures and files’ is chosen, as within the image higher than – this is often the storage hungry-component of any applications programme. Finally, press the ‘Clear Data’ choice.

A bonus tip for golem users – you will conjointly need to clear unused files in your downloads folder, that you’ll be able to do employing a file individual, like Google’s Files. Navigate to the Downloads folder, and here you’ll be able to manually clear all the litter that’s collected over your phone’s time period.

Use campaign on your iPhone? Open the phone settings, realize ‘Safari’ and select ‘Clear History and web site Data’ to clear your cache and lighten the load your browser places on your previous phone.

5. Uninstall apps


Not solely do they take up house and lead to low storage, which may slow your phone down, however they will conjointly generate background processes – and once superimposed on prime of 1 another, these processes place an enormous quantity of strain on your phone’s last-gen process power, and will be at the guts of any stutters you expertise.

Apps conjointly continue to grow the additional you utilize them.

How to uninstall storage-hungry apps

These show info concerning however your storage is faring, and what kind of content is filling it up.

This should be the primary step before uninstalling something. As it’s wherever you’ll be able to see however massive apps are and what’s seizing the foremost house.

If you’ve got associate degree golem One phone just like the Moto One or Nokia seven.1. Or a telephone that runs stock golem, just like the Google element three. Everything you would like is nested showing neatness within the storage menu.

Each of those is abroach for a full breakdown. Wherever you’ll be able to conjointly see precisely what quantity house every app is exploitation.

Samsung phones, just like the glorious Galaxy Note nine or Galaxy S9. Feature a ‘Device Maintenance’ section at intervals the settings that will the same job. Whereas Huawei phones just like the Mate twenty professional have a ‘Cleanup’ tool at intervals the storage page.

For iPhones, within iOS, Apple features a good means of obtaining obviate unused apps to stay things running swimmingly. It ‘Offloads them’, uninstalling them whereas keeping your information safe. Associate degreed mechanically doing thus once you haven’t used an app for a protracted time.

6. Install light-weight versions of your favorite apps (Android) or use net apps


Apps are like ever-inflating balloons, thus whereas they’ll solely take up some MB once they’re initial put in, the additional you utilize them the larger they get.

Not solely are light-weight – or ‘lite’ – versions of those apps smaller, they conjointly hold onto less high-capacity content, ‘inflating’ additional slowly than their full-fat alternatives.

How to install light-weight apps

If you’ve got a compatible golem phone this one’s a chunk of cake – simply open up the Google Play Store, rummage around for one in every one of the subsequent applications, then hit the install button:

Facebook nonfat

Facebook courier nonfat

Google Maps Go

Gmail Go

Line Lite

Skype nonfat (Built for India)

YouTube Go

If you discover a light-weight version of any app that you simply need to put in, make sure to uninstall or disable its full-fat various.

If you’ve got associate degree golem phone or iPhone that doesn’t support light-weight versions of standard apps, worry not – merely use the web-based version of standard sites and services to save lots of an enormous quantity of storage.

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7. Works Reset

If all else fails and your phone remains creep on at a snail’s pace, a works reset will certainly speed things up.


Whatever your phone model or create, a year or 2 of use can plague any device with hidden files, app information, and usage quirks. A reset wipes everything clean.

Be warned though: factory-resetting your phone can erase all of your apps, photos, and information tips. The sole files which will be safe are those held on within the cloud or on a memory card. And a few resets even wipe memory cards if you check the proper – or wrong – box.

For that reason, we’d counsel removing associate degree storage cards if you’re exploitation a golem phone tips. And completely backing up something you would like to stay before going ahead with this method.

How to wipe your golem or iOS phone (tips)

Resetting your phone has ne’er been thus simple. Whether or not you’ve got associate degree iPhone or a golem phone, sort the word ‘Reset’ into the search bar at intervals the settings.

Depending on your phone manufacturer. Golem phones can gift you with one in every of varied choices that mean the identical factor – sometimes ‘Reset phone’, ‘Erase all information (factory reset)’. As within the image higher than, or ‘Factory information reset’. Faucet on something that appears like this and your phone can guide you thru the reset method tips.

On associate degree iPhone, scroll right down to ‘Reset, General’. As illustrated within the image higher than, to revive your iPhone to its factory-fresh state. You’ll have to recognize your Apple ID secret to realize this.

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